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Why Choose an Alcot Backer Rod

June 13, 2017

 Not every backer rod yields a great concrete precast. Only the best rod has the potential to lead to a successful concrete insert. Whether one is shopping for backer materials for filling concrete cracks, or setting expansion spaces in their construction projects, one needs to experience the best service for the cost.

Here’s why only an Alcot backer rod will meet and surpass your expectations:

High precision ware: At Alcot, we deploy the finest engineering expertise to produce our baker rods with the aim of achieving efficient and high-functioning production. Besides, we deploy advanced engineering skills in everything we do in order to make sure that the tailored material is top notch. Whether you are looking for regular or uniquely sized rods for your project, we can always craft them with a 0.001mm precision.

Superior technology: From crafting the form, trimming and packaging our backer rods, our team is always committed to flawlessly executing the finest details. To us, it’s the fine details that matter, and so we take our time to embed them on every product we develop. Our state-of-the-art backer production techniques further enhance the value of our products.

Swift turnarounds: Producing backer materials for your urgent inquiries should not take up all of your time. We guarantee a short production turnaround and the highest quality backer rods. We understand how essential time is when undertaking advanced projects, and as a result, we have a whole team committed to delivering your orders in a timely and punctual fashion. By partnering with Alcot plastics, your expectations of producing high quality products with a timely delivery will be met.

To learn more about our services, the products we craft as well as get a quote, please visit www.alcotplastics.ca or talk to our customer service team on +1 (519) – 767 -2899.