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Why Choose Backer Rods Manufactured By Alcot Plastics

March 31, 2022

 Construction is an industry that depends on the availability of a wide range of materials. Overseeing a construction project, irrespective of its nature or size, is a challenging task that requires attention to detail and many years of experience.


As a contractor or engineer, you have to source backer rods but can be unsure where to get them from. Investing in foam rods of subpar quality can have significant effects on the overall strength of the construction. This can lead to the requirement for maintenance work arising in a few years, causing unnecessary expenses.


To avoid such a dilemma, contractors and engineers source soft backer rods from Alcot Plastics Ltd. 

Here Are Reasons That Make Backer Rods From Alcot Plastics Dependable

Made using premium polyethylene foam

For a backer rod to be able to be used as a backstop between cracks and joints, it needs to be able to compress and fit into tight spaces. Only a foam rod made using top-quality polyethylene foam can get compressed and not lose its structural integrity. With the help of polyethylene foam rods from Alcot Plastics Ltd, you can effectively limit the amount of sealant or caulking being used.


Supplies premium soft backer rods

Soft backer rods supplied by Alcot Plastic are bi-cellular. They are also non-gassing and pliable, ensuring durability. This type of foam rod is ideal for any application that involves irregular or varying joint widths. In such applications, the issue of bubbling is very serious and these soft foam rods can help you avoid them. Expansion and contraction joints, partitions, log home chinking, and window glazing is the area of application for such rods. 


Alcot Plastics Ltd. has decades of experience in the industry. Our manufacturing techniques and methods have been adapted to meet modern industry standards. Get in touch with us today to learn about our wide range of products like pool noodles and screening splines.