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Why Everyone Loves Pool Noodles

July 17, 2019

Pool noodles are a staple in any pool nowadays. Not only do they colour up the scene during bright summer days, they are also found throughout indoor pools where they are used to help first-time swimmers get a feel for the water.

Indeed, pool noodles have many practical purposes aside from just being a great toy to play with in the water.

Their weight-supporting and floating capabilities mean those who are more skittish around the water can learn to float and swim. Because they are so lightweight and unobstructive, they are much better at helping swimmers float without being too much of a crutch – there is a more of a sense that you are doing it yourself, helping to instill confidence and dampen fear.

In addition, pool noodles also come in handy during underwater exercise. Especially for people of more years, pool noodles can offer stability and security while exercising in the water, helping you keep fit in a fun way.

Pool noodles help pools become more inclusive, helping young ones overcome their fears, older swimmers keep steady, and differently-abled people enjoy the pool with everyone.

As such, it is easy to see how this humble product has become a much-loved item in many households and among many swimmers.

The fact that pool noodles are made from polyethylene foam is certainly a big reason why so many people enjoy them.

Polyethylene foam is lightweight but buoyant, and flexible but strong. Many people have found that even after mastering the art of swimming, their old pool noodles still came in handy in other applications, such as:

  • Making the handle bars and armpit rests of crutches softer
  • Serving as shoe stands so that longer boots no longer flop over
  • Covering the springs and metal support posts of trampolines to reduce risk of injuries 
  • Child-proofing all the items or furniture in your house that have sharp edges or corners

Creative people will definitely have other uses for pool noodles as well! At Alcot Plastics, we take pride in manufacturing products that bring joy to people, and pool noodles are certainly some of the most joyful products out there.