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Why is Our Screening Spline Made of Foam?

April 10, 2019

A spline is the perfect tool for holding window and door screens in place, as it consists of a long strip of flexible material that can be bent into desirable forms. Splines for window and door screens have typically been made of a flexible vinyl cord. Currently, there are different types of splines available on the market to suit specific screening fabrics or window types. We offer our customers a more innovative alternative to the vinyl cord: the foam screening spline.


Why Foam is Used in Splines

A solid core foam screening spline is easier to manufacture than a metal or vinyl spline. Manufacturers can produce foam splines of different diameters, and the material makes for a spline with greater flexibility. In instances where a vinyl spline is too small in diameter to fit into a screen frame, a foam spline can do the trick, even if the spline appears to have too large of a diameter. This is because foam is compressable, so a standard-sized foam spline can be adapted to many different types of screen channels. Foam is also a more economical option as splines made from this material are durable, eliminating the need for replacement in the long-term.


Foam Splines Hold Strong Throughout the Year

A quality screening spline won’t just hold screening fabric in place, it will keep the fabric taut, even when the screen is exposed to harsh weather conditions. One of the greatest advantages of foam splines is that they are resistant to wind, heat and the cold. They move with the screening fabric as it shrinks in the winter and expands in the summer, keeping the fabric taut all the while. Foam is also resistant to UV rays, so a foam spline won’t degrade over time with exposure to sunlight. The foam spline has become the preferred choice for many homeowners and manufacturers because of the advantages it provides over other types of splines.


At Alcot Plastics, we supply foam screening spline for securing screening in windows and doors. Our spline is capable of keeping screens in place despite expansion or shrinkage caused by weather conditions. Contact us today for high-quality splines and excellent service!