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Why is Screening Spline Important?

May 13, 2021

To help separate living spaces from insects, dry leaves, birds, and debris, window screens or door screens are constructed. Otherwise, these examples can enter rooms through open windows and doors. It is common for screens to be made from aluminum or fibreglass, but the ongoing exposure to various elements can cause them to wear down. Replacement parts designed for window and door screens are available to counteract this. Screening spline is an important component of these separators, holding them securely in the frames and allowing continued support throughout the impact of weather conditions.

Alcot Plastics Ltd. provides our clients with foam screening spline, and the design of our products ensures that their specifications are met.

The Function of Screening Spline

The role this type of foam plays is to firmly secure the screen mesh into the window frame. Spline is made from a rubber material, which is inserted into the grooved area that will attach the fabric of the screen to the frame. On the topic of manufacturing, spline is made with parallel ridges along their length. This is done to offer an improved grip and compliance after it is pressed into the grooved section. 

Spline rollers create a more efficient process in regards to sliding the foam within the groove. A result of this is the avoidance of damaging or cutting into the fabric of the screen. Lastly, the spline being driven into the channel will lead to the screen’s tension increasing. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid tensioning the screen extensively beforehand, in order to keep any warping of the window frame from occurring.

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