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Why is using Foam Screening Spline Beneficial?

May 27, 2021

Foam screening spline is used for the installation and repair of screen panels and windows. Their manufacturing process is simpler compared to the creation of material made from vinyl or metal. They are flexible as well, and vary in size to ensure the correct diameter is selected for installation. Screening spline makes it possible to repair screens, but this product can be easily available for when an entirely new screen is built to act as a replacement. While it can be found in a number of shapes, this item is crucial for holding a screen in place. Its role is to attach the window screen to the frame, and to achieve a secure fit, using the right spline is necessary.

Alcot Plastics Ltd. provides our clients with high-quality foam screening spline, and our team is committed to supporting your construction projects.


In terms of home improvement projects for example, screening spline is a less expensive part that helps complete the job. They bring durable, soft, and convenient features to the work at hand and can fit nicely into screen channels and corners, all without a high price tag.


Screening spline is designed in order to meet high standards of performance. This product is weather resistant, UV resistant, and long-lasting. It is also manufactured to allow easy installation and strong resistance when exposed to differing weather elements. In addition to maintaining screen security, screening spline can meet the required specifications and suit a wide variety of situations. Lastly, this item is both versatile and durable, and can be helpful in many applications. When securing the screen to the frame, they create an appropriate and tight attachment.

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