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Why Polyethylene Foam Can Improve Your Product

March 13, 2018


Polyethylene foam is a material best known for its increased flexibility and extreme resilience to rapid wear and tear. This makes it a more useful material when it comes to crafting products that require more flexibility, like screening splines, backer rods or pool accessories.


All polyethylene foam products are versatile, featuring a highly stable chemical formulation.


There are lots of reasons to choose this material for many applications, ranging from construction to recreation and everything in between. Some of the advantage and benefits of polyethylene foam include:


Light in Weight: There are some special applications where the weight of the material is of significant consideration. Specific applications where weight is crucial, like packaging or insulating, are often addressed with foam-based solutions. High-density foam products are useful, for example, in sealing the gaps between a screen and metallic frame of a door.


Superior Shock Absorption: Polyethylene foams are best known for their ability to offer high resistance to dust, humidity and shock. Compared to regular plastics and rubber, a polyethylene foam offers a superior protection from dust and humidity as well as extreme shock absorption. This makes it an excellent material suitable in products that experience high shock in shipping.


Corrosion and Rotting Resistance: This material is also well-known for its extremely high resistance to corrosion and rotting. Due to its excellent chemical structure it is impervious to air, mildew, and mold. This material does not rot easily, even when it is left in the stagnant water over long periods of time.


Impressive Buoyancy: Aside from being lightweight and highly durable, this material also offers excellent buoyancy.  They easily float on water which is also widely used in numerous industries and projects near water.


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