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Why Screening Splines Are a Must-Have

May 28, 2019

Every screen door needs its own screening spline. It offers security and durability, helping to ensure that building developers and business properties uphold standards of safety and prioritize the sustainability of their building components. To perfectly secure your screen doors in place, the right screening spline should be used. Foam screening splines are arguably the most versatile and widely used kind.

Here are some reasons why foam screening splines are absolutely essential in screen doors and windows:


Since foam screening splines are made of foam, they are pliable, easy to work with, and installation is also a breeze. It gives makers of screen frames leeway in terms of tolerance levels of the frames for easier installation. Its flexibility and ease to work with also makes it a preferable material to use by contractors in home improvement projects.


Because of its material composition, foam screening splines last longer compared to their vinyl counterparts. Foam screening splines are able to support the screen regardless of expansion/shrinkage effects of weather conditions. Foam screening splines are also UV resistant.


Sscreen manufacturing is less expensive with foam screening splines. Again, foam screening splines are durable, pliable and fit perfectly into modern screen channels and corners.

A good screening spline will secure screen doors, but a great one will bring many more benefits. At Alcot Plastics, we provide top of the line foam screening splines made of extruded polyethylene foam, a high quality material that aids in securing but is also versatile and cost efficient.

With proper screening, homeowners can save more on electricity and heating bills, and it can also help combat mosquitos, bugs, and other household insects.

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