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Why You Need a Screening Spline

October 19, 2015

 Ever wondered why you keep replacing screening for your doors or window? The reason could be your glass or door screening are not secure. A screening spline might just be what you need to make them last for long. This is a form of plastic that is installed along with the screening to make it more stable. It has many advantages.

The main idea here is to provide room for expansion or shrinkage so as to bring weakening of the glass to minimal levels and reduce chances of the glass breaking. Screening spline is mainly made using polyethylene which is known for its strength and resilience. It has abilities to resist harsh weather conditions and so it fits well as a guard for screening. In addition to that, it is able to resist reaction by many chemicals. With this installed in your building, you are assured of nothing but durability of screening.

The material is made in such a way that is very easy to install. The best part about them is the fact that they are very flexible in terms of how they can be used. No matter your door or window specifications, you can always get foam spline that can fit your uses perfectly. Screening is also available in different quantities and sizes, something that caters for all divergent needs of clients.

Alcot Plastics is a world leader in the manufacture of top notch screening spline. They are very experienced and they are reputable for their high quality products. They use high tech techniques and this is a guarantee that you always get the best. Their rates are also very affordable and are tailored to suit your budget. Do not spend too much money replacing broken screening. Be smart. Make that screening secure by getting top class foam spline from Alcot Plastics.