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Your Best Source for Polyethylene Foam

January 20, 2016

Alcot Plastics LTD is a company that specializes in polyethylene foam, making custom foam to suit the various needs of their clients. Groundbreaking innovations in foam technology set Alcot Plastics LTD apart from their competitors since their founding over thirty years ago. Today, the company caters to a wide range of foam needs and can make custom foam to suit individualized specifications and requests. Popular items include packaging materials, mattress components, various padding, and even custom bottle stoppers. Polyethylene foam, due to its chemical nature, absorbs almost no water. Water beads on the surface because of its naturally waxy texture, which makes it an ideal candidate for water repellant items and pool-side fixtures.

Polyethylene foam is used the world over for a plethora of different purposes, from packaging to padding. In fact, polyethylene is the world’s most produced plastic, with an annual output of tens of millions of tonnes. The demand for this plastic is so great due to polyethylene’s versatile nature and capacity for shock absorption. Its ability to absorb vibrations is what makes polyethylene foam the ideal material for packaging items. That is why this multipurpose plastic is so sought after for both commercial and industrial uses.

Alcot Plastics LTD is a leader in all things polyethylene foam. Founded in 1983, this company has distinguished itself as a manufacturer and garnered a respectable reputation through knowledge and expertise. Alcot Plastics LTD produces a superior foam due to their industrious innovations, keen efficiency, and years of valuable experience. They can make custom foam to meet any set of specifications and requirements, and take pride in their ability to meet a challenge head on. Why use ordinary polyethylene foam when you can get it made specific to your needs and purposes? Utilize the power of customization and harness the full potential of this amazing plastic.