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Screening Spline FAQ

September 03, 2019


Screening spline is typically an overlooked facet of your home, but is essential in maintaining the structural integrity of your screen doors and windows. Spline isn’t one of those things you think of until you realize your screen is in need of a fix. Whether it’s replacing old screens on your windows or patio doors, Alcot Plastics has got you covered. We offer quality spline perfect for your window and door screening applications.


Today we hope to answer a few frequently asked questions on the topic of screening spline.

How is spline measured?


There isn’t one set way to measure spline. Spline comes in an array of lengths and diameters. Begin by measuring the perimeter of the window or door you intend to use the spline for. For a general consensus on how much spline you’ll need – start by laying the spline down on a flat surface and measure across its length using a tape measure for ease of use. If diameter is essential to your application, then process with measuring its width.


Is spline reusable?


Generally, no – once spline is used or damaged, it is more than likely the result that you will have to replace it. This is true for long term use, where spline might seem re-usable, but in fact can become brittle due to exposure to the elements. Removing spine is a simple task, start by prying one end of the lodged spline with a screwdriver and pull the rest of the spline out of the screen frame.


How do you apply spine to a screen?


If you’re wondering what the application process entails, know that you’ll need a splining tool. Splining tools look sort of like pizza cutters, minus the sharp blade. Consider reading out previous article How To Install Screening Spline for some useful tips.


Where can I find quality spline?


Alcot Plastics provides quality spline for secure holding of screening in windows and doors. Our spline products are durable and are suitable for all windows and doors, regardless of specificity of application. Check out our products page to learn more about our spline product!