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The Many Uses of the Pool Noodle

January 09, 2020

 When you first think of the word “pool noodles”, a few things come to mind. Learning how to swim with the help of a colourful foam noodle is an experience many share. Known for keeping afloat –noodles help those learning how to swim keep their heads above water.

While pool noodles may allude to fonder memories of our childhood and our first encounters swimming in pools, lakes, and the ocean – they also offer utility in a myriad of other practical applications. In today’s blog we delve into the many uses of the versatile pool noodle.


Toy Weapons


Foam noodles by design must be safe for children to use. In the same way that children rely on them to float in water, foam noodles for toy weapon applications must be soft and hazard-free for child’s play. Made of light-weight polyethylene foam, foam noodles are the safe and perfect choice for kids to have fun without getting hurt. Rockets, light sabers, and swords are all examples of toys that can be made with foam noodles.


Art Projects


Foam noodles can also be used in large and small scale art projects. Whether you’re looking to create different kids crafts or are looking for a new medium to work with, the versatility when it comes to using foam noodles in creative endeavors are seemingly endless. Check out our previous blog 3 Creative Crafts You Can Make Using Pool Noodles for a few examples of kids crafts that use foam noodles.


Edge Protectors


An understated yet common use for foam noodles are as edge protectors. Surfaces or furniture that that have harsh edges can be safeguarded by fitting and inserting a pool noodle for added protection. This is especially useful in rooms toddlers are exposed to as a way of mitigating any potential hazards.


In need of quality pool noodles for your application?


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