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Soft Backer Rod: Applications and Uses

December 11, 2018

A backer rod is a necessary component of construction. It’s used in a number of applications, like flooring, stoneware, tiling, and window paneling. There are different types of backer rods but one of the most commonly used is the soft backer rod.


What is a Soft Backer Rod?


A soft backer rod is created from a bi-cellular, non-gassing, pliable material.

This gives it more flexibility and a wider range of use. A soft rod is often used in places that need sealing. It's a popular choice in construction applications because of how it helps sealants perform at its highest capacity, how it prevents sealant adhesion and how it does not require any bond breaker.


What are Its Applications and Uses?


Due to its unique properties and construction, a soft backer rod is used in a variety of applications, both conventional and not. Here are several examples:


  • Bridge: A soft backer rod helps with the stability and rigidity at the junction where a bridge's steel frame meets the pavement or road. This additional support assists in the development of a firm foundation.


  • Highway Pavement: Soft rods are also utilized during maintenance of highway pavements. They are placed between the concrete slabs where gaps have to spotless but still conform to the different loads and vibrations of passing vehicles.


  • Parking Decks: As these decks have different weights, they need to develop some insulation or sealant during construction. A soft back rod helps with the insulation and also assists with providing a strong and stable frame.


  • Wall Partitions: Soft rods are used to provide a cushion between wall partitions. They are used to absorb certain materials and stress, thus adding to the structural integrity of the wall.


There are more situations where a soft backer rod is the better than other backer rods. Make sure you talk to your contractor and discuss your options. This will ensure you're making the correct choice and using the appropriate backer rod.